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Correspondence between Mrs. James R. Gibson and Laurence Howard, Executive Clerk, regarding a complaint about a case of whooping cough in Mrs. Gibson's neighborhood.

Notice from Mark W. Richardson, Secretary of State Board of Health, Massachusetts, to the Somerville Board of Health reporting that a Russian immigrant destined for Somerville is infected with Cholera.

Letter from J.J. Mahoney, M.D., Health Commissioner of the Boston Health Department, to the Somerville Board of Health reporting a complaint made to them concerning foreign matter found in bakery products from a Somerville baking plant.

Pamphlet printed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health outlining the laws relative to bakeries and bakery products.

Correspondence between [Charles M. Berry], Inspector of Animals and Provisions, Board of Health, and Henry Kinchla regarding the quality of a sample of baked beans bought from a bakery in Somerville.

Letter to inform Department Heads of the Clerical and Administrative Employees of the City of Somerville to donate to the Unemployment Relief Committee for Somerville.

A resolution of the Board of Aldermen presented to the mayor and department heads calling for the removal of married woman with working husbands from the payrolls of the city.

Correspondence regarding Somerville's compliance with a law requiring cities to set up tuberculosis hospitals during World War I.

Letter of recommendations of Child Conservation effort during World War I.

Telegram to verify that Attilio Di Nitto was born in Somerville.
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