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Announcement of a MONSTER CEREMONIAL SESSION Thursday Evening, November 21, 1929 at G.A.R. Hall, Gymnasium Building, Highland Ave., corner of Putnam St., Somerville.

Application for American Rescue Workers' Day Nursery License.

Article printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 20 No. 26 p 1348, June 27, 1929 regarding Howard W. Ambruster and the Ergot Controversey
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playground arts and crafts project in the early 1990s. Five children and their supervisor present their crafts.
Recreation Department image of Recreation Commission Float in the 4 May 1986 Elks Parade. Children escort the float with a circus themed display and banner stating, "Your year 'round Recreation Commission."
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playgrounds in 1956. Paul Murphy, John Mountain, Robert Lupi, Richard O'Brien, Peter Lynch, Jas Whelan, Edin Mainning, Leonad Gregiano, John McNamara, Paul McNamara, Ernist Trubiams, and Martin O'Brien form…
Recreation Department image of 1964 Summertime Playground Inter-playground Track Meet. Two boys pose with mock flame tourches in front of a Trum Field banner.

By-Laws of the Abou Ben Adhem Temple No. 143. membership card for Laurence S. Howard enclosed. Dated November 29, 1919.

Correspondence between Frank L. Morse, Medical Inspector, Board of Health, and Charles L. Knight, M.D., 544 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA, concerning a case of scarlet fever Dr. Knight potentially mishandled.

Correspondence Between Dr. John S. Hitchcock, A.A. Surgeon, Office of Administrative Health Practices, United States Treasury Department, and Dr. Frank L. Morse, Medical Inspector, Regarding Somerville's Policy on Diphtheria Immunization.
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