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Letter to inform Department Heads of the Clerical and Administrative Employees of the City of Somerville to donate to the Unemployment Relief Committee for Somerville.

Ad in Viano's Somerville Players program. for Bell Shops Hosiery Inc.

Report written by inspector H. B. Berry describing the work of the American Rescue Worker's day nursery

Announcement of a MONSTER CEREMONIAL SESSION Thursday Evening, November 21, 1929 at G.A.R. Hall, Gymnasium Building, Highland Ave., corner of Putnam St., Somerville.

License issued to the American Rescue Workers authorizing the organization to run a day nursery. The license specifies the number of children allowed, and the number of workers required.

Request for renewal of hospital license and name transfer from Edward J. Dailey for Hospital located at 26 Central Street.

Raffle Ticket from the Annual Frolic at Rhodes event of the Dramtic Order of the Knights of Khorrassan. Prizes to be given away at the Frolic held on May 9, 1929 included a Nash 4-Door Sedan or One Thousand Dollars in Gold.
Recreation Department image of 1970s municipal backetball league for women. Player attempts a layup while referee and teams look on.
Recreation Department image of co-winners Jim Srtonach and Tom Joyce of the 3.3 mile Somerville Road Race on 23 October 1977.
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