Installation of Khorassan Officers



Installation of Khorassan Officers


Fraternal organizations--Massachusetts.


Installation of Officers: "Khorassan" - What It MeansProgram of ceremony held January 29th, 1929 in Elks Hall, Central Square, Cambridge Massachusetts


Abou Ben Adhem Temple; No. 143 Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan


Board of Health Records, Laurence Howard Papers, Personal


1929 January 29


Public domain. Please credit: City of Somerville Archives, Somerville MA.







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What it Means

The Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan is an auxillary of the Knights of Pythias. The word "Khorassan" means "Land of the Midnight Sun," and the country, a province of Persia, part of which is covered with mountain range.

The ritual was taken from "Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh". The scenses are laid in part of ancient Iran Khorassan, the name of which still remains as a present day province of Persia. Khorassan is beautiful and is the land of Sunshine, where joy and laughter only exist.

This auxillary is one of the wonderful conceptions devised for the up-building of the Pythian fraternity. The purposes are to extend the principles of the Knights of Pythias in an amplified manner through its beautiful ritualistic ceremonies, to cultivate the social side of life and to encourage a stronger fraternal bond among Pythian Lodges, thereby furnishing a common ground upon which members of the different Lodges can meet and get better acquainted.

The Foundation is the rock upon which the Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan stands. The purpose of this Foundation is to provide means for boys and girls, young men and young women, who wish to fit themselves, by education, for a better position in life, who lack the means, and who will honestly promise to pay it back after the education sought for is completed, and it has been captialized into an enlarged earning capacity. The general idea is that of the usual students' loan fund. The principal is to be invested and the interest is to be loaned to children of members at a nominal interest rate and to be repaid by them after their graduation from school or college.

Imperial law makes it obligatory that each member of the order shall contribute fifty cents per year (in addition to the amount of his dues) which is to be used for the Foundation only, and we are quiet (sic) sure that no member ever regrets paying this small amount toward this worthy cause.

For detailed information regarding this Foundation fund, etc., write to F. C. Minkemer, Secretary, Box 46, Roxbury, Mass.

Pythians- Again we ask you to become one of the sunshine boys. Why not apply for membership? The cost is very slight, when you stop to think of all you get.


1 Selection - Orchestra
2 Presentation of Colors
a. Pledge of Allegieance.
b. Star Spangled Banner.

3 Address of Welcome - Robert H. Hall, Royal Vizier
4 Installation of Officers -
D.I.P., C. Frank Nelson and Suite.
Suite - Dr. Benjamin A. Graves, R.P.:Harvey T. Pond, R.P.;Harry G. Beyer, R.P.;Robert H. Bradford, R.P.; Eler L. Elliott, R.P.; JOhn E. Colclough, R.P; Albert J. Walton, R.P.; Fred C. Way, R.P;Laurence S. Howard, R.P.; Arthur J. McKeand, R.P.

Officers-elect for 1929
Edwin L. Derby, Royal Vizier
William C. Purdy, Grand Emir
John Weaver Sherman Sheik
F.C. Minkemer, R.P., Secretary
Charles A. Stevens, R.P., Treasurer
Elmer W. Woodside, Mahedi
Max Sacks, Satrap
Herbert J. Totty, Sahib

5 Address- Hon. Edward W. Quinn (Mayor of Cambridge)
6 Selections - Vocal - Miss Pearl Young
7 Address - Edwin L. Derby, Royal Vizier 1929
8 Address - C. Frank Nelson, Deputy Imperial Prince
9 Presentation of Red Tassels to Royal Sheiks, Edward J. Beals. George O. Dudley, Charles E. Fritsch, Andrew K. Scott.
10 Address - George P. Fielden, Grand Chancellor
11 ? ? ? ? - F. C. Minkemer, R.P., Imperieal Representative
12 Selections - Miss Pearl Young



Abou Ben Adhem Temple; No. 143 Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan, “Installation of Khorassan Officers,” Somerville Archives, accessed February 27, 2024,

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