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Laurence S. Howard membership card. Dated Nov. 19, 1919. Contained in by-laws

By-Laws of the Abou Ben Adhem Temple No. 143. membership card for Laurence S. Howard enclosed. Dated November 29, 1919.

Installation of Officers: "Khorassan" - What It MeansProgram of ceremony held January 29th, 1929 in Elks Hall, Central Square, Cambridge Massachusetts
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playground paddle ball game. Four boys playing paddle ball at Foss Park with others watching on 30 July 1947.
Recreation Department image of 1950s Simmon's Company softball team. Six young women pose for the camera with softball gear.
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playground 1947 Inter-Playground Track Meet. Boys pose for the low bridge relay.
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playgrounds pie eating contest at Conway Playground in the 1950s. Children watch as several participants race to finish their pies.

Telegram sent to Walter G. Campbell, U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding impure ergot.

A letter from H. W. Ambruster regarding the selling of "adulterated, impure and putrid" ergot in Massachusetts

The front page of the Rescue Herald, a publication of the American Rescue Workers. The first article gives an overview of the organizations work; providing care for the sick and poor.
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