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Raffle Ticket from the Annual Frolic at Rhodes event of the Dramtic Order of the Knights of Khorrassan. Prizes to be given away at the Frolic held on May 9, 1929 included a Nash 4-Door Sedan or One Thousand Dollars in Gold.
Recreation Department image of 1979 Fall Family Fun Run. Chuck Arria gives a lift to son Eric.
Recreation Department image of Recreation Commission Float in the 4 May 1968 Elks Parade. Children escort the float with a banner stating, "Play for all - adults, youth, and children."

The front page of the Rescue Herald, a publication of the American Rescue Workers. The first article gives an overview of the organizations work; providing care for the sick and poor.
Recreation Department image of 1997 Inter-Playground Track Meet. Girl crosses the finish line winning the relay race.

Report written by inspector H. B. Berry describing the work of the American Rescue Worker's day nursery

Installation of Officers: "Khorassan" - What It MeansProgram of ceremony held January 29th, 1929 in Elks Hall, Central Square, Cambridge Massachusetts
Recreation Department image of t-shirt display. Support Somerville Recreation display with 1980s Inter-playground Track Meet information and t-shirts for sale.
Recreation Department image of Summertime Playground 1998 Inter-playground Track Meet. Kelley Park celebrates as they win the track meet for the first time in seventy-seven years.
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