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Ad for a theater party with the Somerville Players. The ad is aimed at fraternal society members.

Somerville theater program ad for next week's: "Honeymoon Lane". Includes ad for talking pictures at Viano's Teele Square.

Crossword in a Somerville Theater program: "Bringing Up Father."

Letter from the Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, to All State Health Officers regarding the resurgence of smallpox, the need for widespread vaccinations, and the restriction of inter-state travel for those infected.

Ad for next week's play from a Somerville Theater program. Text : "Next Week - FAST LIFE. A Modern Story of JAZZ and TRAGEDY Involving the Great Problem - SHOULD Capital Punishment Be Abolished?"

Ad in a Somerville Theater Program for the West Somerville Co-Operative Bank from 1930. The ad shows the image of men waiting in line for a room and a meal.

Ad from a Somerville Theater program for next week's show, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Somerville theater program, ad for next week's show, "Little Accident".

Ad in a Somerville Theater program for Jack Korn's Men's Shop.

Somerville Players Theater program cover. Proclaims the Somerville theater "New England's Leading STOCK Company."
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