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Application for American Rescue Workers' Day Nursery License.

Article printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 20 No. 26 p 1348, June 27, 1929 regarding Howard W. Ambruster and the Ergot Controversey

Correspondence between Frank L. Morse, Medical Inspector, Board of Health, and Charles L. Knight, M.D., 544 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA, concerning a case of scarlet fever Dr. Knight potentially mishandled.

Correspondence Between Dr. John S. Hitchcock, A.A. Surgeon, Office of Administrative Health Practices, United States Treasury Department, and Dr. Frank L. Morse, Medical Inspector, Regarding Somerville's Policy on Diphtheria Immunization.

Correspondence between [Charles M. Berry], Inspector of Animals and Provisions, Board of Health, and Henry Kinchla regarding the quality of a sample of baked beans bought from a bakery in Somerville.

Correspondence between Mrs. James R. Gibson and Laurence Howard, Executive Clerk, regarding a complaint about a case of whooping cough in Mrs. Gibson's neighborhood.

Correspondence between K.L. Quinn, R.N., Superintendent of Public Health Nurses, City of Portland, Maine Health Department and Laurence Howard on May 28 and 29, 1930, regarding a case of opposition to diphtheria vaccination.

Letter of recommendations of Child Conservation effort during World War I.

Correspondence regarding Somerville's compliance with a law requiring cities to set up tuberculosis hospitals during World War I.

Pamphlet printed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health outlining the laws relative to bakeries and bakery products.
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