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Letter written by Staff Captain and Mrs. George E.S. Ransom, New England Divisional Officers and Adjutant Lillian Henderson, New England Treasurer to the Somerville Board of Health. The letter describes the services offered by the American Rescue…

License issued to the American Rescue Workers authorizing the organization to run a day nursery. The license specifies the number of children allowed, and the number of workers required.

Letter sent to Adjutant Lillian E. Henderson, Treasurer New England Rescue Workers on the decision to reject the renewal of a license for a day nursery.

Report written by inspector H. B. Berry describing the work of the American Rescue Worker's day nursery

Application for American Rescue Workers' Day Nursery License.

Request for renewal of hospital license and name transfer from Edward J. Dailey for Hospital located at 26 Central Street.

Letter from Walter C. Wardwell, Cambridge Chairman County Commissioners describing the treatment and payment for treatment of non-residents diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

Letter requesting a permit that would allow fifteen to twenty children to be transported to Sandy Beach at Mystic Lakes.

Letter in response to a notice sent by the Board of Health Regarding the waiting room at Clarendon HIlls

Letter from William P. Mitchell, Inspector, to Sarah E. Claxton who complained about the keeping of pigeons on Hudson St.
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